Safe Suppliers in Watford – Safe Installation and Servicing

Here at Connor Locksmiths (Watford), we supply, install and service (where required) all the leading brands of domestic and commercial safes, including wall safes, underfloor safes, fireproof (fire retardant) safes and key safes.

Already know which one you need?
You can buy your safe online or visit our shop in Watford.

Not sure which safe is the best one for your home, or business?
Just like your security needs, all safes are unique. Once we understand where you plan to have the safe and how you’ll want to use it, we’ll be able to give you advice on the right safe with the right ‘cash rating’ for you.

Why choose us to install your new safe?
‘Cash ratings’ give an indication of the level of security available with that safe. This would only apply if it was installed correctly and as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. This is where we can help! As well as supplying you with a competitively priced safe, installing it correctly under the manufacturer’s guidelines and showing you how to use it, we’ll also give you a 1 year guarantee.

TOP TIP: It’s worth mentioning your new safe to your insurance provider as this may reduce your insurance premiums!

Why it’s important to service your underfloor safe.
Out of all the safes we install, the underfloor ones attract the most dirt and dust! We’d recommend having us service it once a year. (Of course, we can service your safe, wherever it is and whenever it’s needed!)

Call us today on 01923 220541 and talk to us about installing your security safe.

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What else we can help you with:

  • Installation and servicing of safes
  • Cutting keys, including ones to code
  • Supply and build of Master Suite systems
  • Door entry system installation