Nik Allen
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Over recent years they've carried out plenty of jobs for me.
The only time I haven't used your services was when I needed an emergency set of keys cut when I was staying in Brighton.
That episode showed me why not all locksmiths are created equal. The Brighton set of keys caused nothing but problems. Totally the opposite experience I've had with your company.
Their shop is an Aladdin's cave of keys and the service you offer is always efficient, professional and fairly priced.
I have no hesitation in referring you in the past and will continue you to do so with total confidence in the future.

Eleanor Rees

Dave and crew, Thanks for doing my Ultion keys. Other Locksmiths say 'ooooh you find it difficult to find someone to cut those round here' . SE Connors says' ' how many do you want?'!


To Dave,
Isn't it strange how we all take for granted the things that just work. For example when you put a key in a lock and it just works. But when that door cannot be used anymore because the lock is broken, it changes so much.
Within a couple of days, Dave arrives and with a smile and a chat, with his professional know how, my lock was replaced and my happy way of life was reinstated. Charlie (My dog) & me can again, come in & out of our side door to have suck a nice locksmith available to fix things.
Feeling very grateful,
Cathy & Labrador Charlie.

Kelly Jagger

Dear Dave,
We thought the lock was just sticking but when one of us couldn't get in it was time to call Connors.
You came straight round and replaced the lock giving a clear explanation of what was wrong and that the old locks were not to standard.
The next step was not as easy as you had to find a lock that would fit, but with a quick call and a day later we had full set of new locks. The care and time taken to ensure the lock was right shows you care about what you do and your customers.
If you haven't used or recommend Dave and the team you need to. If not for the lock just see Dave dance when a difficult job goes well and the door as it is so old doesn't split.
We always recommended you to all our friends and neighbours.
Thank you,
Kelly & Glyn Jagger

Rachel Fowler
CMR Recruitment

The lock on my front door was sticking and on the back french doors the lock was a twist mechanism which presented a security risk.
Dave Came round and suggested that I have both lock replaced, using the same key and go for the new rated security locks.
I can't say what a great suggestion that was. He cut additional keys for me and we can now, with just one key, choose to use the front or back door. I will eventually be changing all the french door lock to match up with this one and adhere to the latest security requirements.
Dave was on time, friendly as always, and did a really neat job. Thank you again.

Annie Roux
GTR Removals

Dear Dave and Mike,
Just a quick note to say thanks for your help.
When the children and I got locked out the house I called Dave and within 45 minutes from that call Mike had managed to get to Bushey, open the front door, and repair the dodgy lock.
Guys a huge THANK YOU in what must be some kind of record time.
I will not hesittate to recommend you to everyone I know.
Thanks again,

Bruce Kenedy
2 Plan Wealth

Dear Dave & Michael,
When we recently moved house we were presented with a huge set of keys, all different shapes and sizes, nothing like the one key system we had from you in the old house.
You, with your usual efficiency, supplied 4 locks, 4 euro cylinders and 6 keyed alike keys for the new house, together with a push button lock for the garage.
These have now been fitted and work a treat. So now we only have one for all the lock and importantly we know that no one else has any keys to the house.
I will continue to recommend you as before.
Best regards,
Bruce Kennedy

Simon Tomlins
Witts Moloney Solicitors

Dear Dave,
Following the installation of an entirely new front door at the office it was obvious that some of my colleagues required extensive training in the mysterious skills involved in door locking and unlocking.
We arranged a training session and all staff attended and demonstrated that they could indeed insert a key in the correct lock and open the new door. they could also reverse the process locking the door safely.
The following day having inserted the key in the lock it was successfully opened. The main entry lock accepted the key bit the key would not seat and the lock would not turn.
Careful inspection revealed that in spite of training, a key had been left on the inside. We could not gain entry.
Witts Moloney contacted Connor Locksmiths, the phone was answered on the second ring, the problem was described, a locksmith was dispatched. following specialist advice techincal language and some teeth breathing the electric lock was fooloed and you were in under 30 minutes.
Another lock was installed in which a key could not be left on the inside, with extra keys cut on site.
The quality of the emergency work was seamless.
I will continue to recommend Connor Locksmiths to my family, friends business acquaintances the service is second tp none.
Yours in BNI,
Simon Tomlins

Dawn Ayres
Bushey Hall Garage

Dear Dave,
S.E. Connor Locksmiths has always been right at the top of my list of who to recommend when anyone needs to beef up security at home or work. Your company has stood the test of time, providing a phenomenal service. You are reliable, reasonable and 100% trustworthy.
And now we have the added pleasure of the dynamic duo at S.E. Connor's with your son Michael running the shop, while you are out on the road, getting those installations up and running. What a fabulous family-run company.
I also have to ask: do you put energy boosters in the bevies you give your son Michael? Or have you got him on skates?
I went in there earlier this week for keys to be cut for our ladies toilet, to keep the Bushey Hall Garage girls happy. Michael took one look at the key and went out the back. Inside a minute the three keys were on the counter! I was fortunate, they were a standard issue so readily available.
You and Michael make such a great team. I will continue to recommend S.E. Connor's - the friendliest locksmith in Watford, to all I know. Thank you.

Lisa Penn
PennInk Productions Ltd

Dear Dave & Michael,
A huge than you for helping us just after we moved to our new house! You were the very first person to visit our new home!
You installed an Ultion system that allows us to use the same key on all of the entry doors to our new home and it is fantastic.
I also wanted to thank you both with your assistance in choosing and installing a safe for us a few weeks ago.
It's not a big safe, but's enough to keep our precious papers, family memories and a few shiny bits safe and sounds.
We found your price to be fair and straightforward and appreciate all you did.
I always recommend SE Connor Locksmiths to anyone looking for anything from keys cut to secured PVC doors - and will continue to do so!
Thank you so much for a job well done.

Malcolm Topping
ColdChain Vehicle Services Ltd

Dear David,
I should like to thank you for your recent time in the work you have recently done at Topping Towers. Your ability to make sure the work required is explained and fulfilled to the highest standards is well appreciated by both of us.
Thank you again & I am very happy to spread the word on your services to my friends and colleagues.

Aarif Merali
D2R Cross Media

We have used the services of S.E. Connor Locksmiths for many years now both for our business and the family home. Each time your team have been punctual, courteous, professional, and competitively priced.
I would like to, however, highly commend you for a recent incident where we were locked out of our offices first thing in the morning and facing the prospect of losing business for a few hours. I called you when you were on the way to another job and you quickly changed your plans to arrive at our office within half an hour to solve the issue so all our staff could start their work.
It just shows why you are the No 1 locksmith in Watford and we will continue to use you and recommend you to everyone we know.

Alan Ottaway
SI Financial

We have a flat which became vacant and we decided the change the locks. I rang you on the Wednesday morning, you said leave the keys with Michael and you would change the lock that day, which you did.
Thank you for an excellent service and I would not hesitate to recommend you to clients, colleagues, friends, and family.

Mike Cole
Imagine Estate & Letting Agents

As Estate / Letting Agents, Imagine have various requirements of a locksmiths. Over the five years we have worked with S E Connor, we have required everything from the obvious key replacements to master key systems for our own offices, to safes for the business, to window locks, to complete new lock and security set ups for buyers, to rescuing tenants who have locked themselves out and believe it or not, in! On every occasion we know we can rely on Dave and his team to provide efficient, quality workmanship at reasonable prices. We would use no other Locksmiths and look forward to continuing to work together for many years to come.

Brian Sutton
Sutton Electrical Contractors

I have used Connor Locksmiths and found their services to be outstanding.

Neil Marshall
Marshall Vizard (

We have used Connors for many years, as an Estate Agent we use a large number of different contractors on a day to day basis, Connors, along with a very small handful of others, have consistently given us great service, moreover when we have recommend you to our clients, we always get positive feedback from them about Connors, that makes you look good and makes us look good too!

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